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New Stuff as of July 9, 2004

In We've Had a Hundred Years of Psychotherapy and the World is Getting Worse, Hillman and Ventura suggest that psychology should be taken out of the consulting room and into the street.

The Ares Press asks psychology to step outside.
The Ares Press invites psychology into the back alleys of the imagination to see how well it can back up its words. We pose idea against idea, image against image, fantasy against fantasy, and let them have it out on the battlefield of Ares.

And we don't only take psychology to the street, we take it to the superhighway.



The whole of Psychology has a healing problem:
A paper by the Editor on
Healing: Psychology's Wound.
Therapy is facing increasingly tougher times. Is it the end?
A short paper by the Editor on
The End of Therapy
Managed care is effecting the way psychology thinks!
Marxist propaganda by Liam Marsh
Ideas and Managed Care
The Fantasy of Science: Psychology Struggles with a Persona
It's all here: Jung, Freud, Einstein, animation and monkeys!
Science and Psychology
A subtle blend of poesis and conjecture:
A short primer on
Jungian, Archetypal, Imaginal, and Depth psychology
Grave is the matter of tragedy:
A pathological gaze into Hamlet's fate by Andrew T. Castro
Grave Reflections
Psychological awareness or the death of passion?
An inquiry into our severed Romanitic Roots by John Woodcock
Withdrawl of Projection
Therapy's little funerals:
A paper by the Editor on
The Shadow of Termination


Hymn to Ares: Poetry by Liam Marsh with ancient Greek images.
Hymn to Ares

Women are from Venus: Old poetry by Yosano Akiko and others.
Hymns from Venus

They murder him in concert: Poems by D.H. Sutherland
Ars moriendi

His mind is in the gutter: Poetry by Mitchell Torina.
Heroes Wait For Wind

The Next Generation

As students of our Grandfather and our Father (Jung and Hillman), this generation of psychologists seeks to reimagine the role of psychology yet again. Our relationship to the purely intellectual and to science come under scrutiny for they no longer serve a valuable purpose, and the idea of psychology as a subcategory of a larger academic or scientific system is clearly dated. Having moved away from a psychology that emphasizes a personal interiority, we have moved into the world.We have learned that psyche is soul and soul is the world, and as the work becomes the world, the world becomes psychology. Moving into the street with an eye for psyche, all things become part of our psychological musings. All that is left for psychology to do is to enter the street, point at the world and go,
"Whoop, there it is!"

The Priapus Page

Priapus, tutor of Ares, misunderstood and outcast forger of obscene connections, makes a grand appearance on this beautiful page. This most mightily endowed creature will not leave you wanting if life in extremis is what you desire.

The Shadow of Psychotherapy

Our modern fantasies of therapy are steeped in inadequacy, gravely lacking in deep thought, and afraid unto death of their own shadows. With its eager and hopeful emphasis on improvement, personal growth, and individuation, modern therapy sourly fails when srcutinized with a thoughtful or poetic eye.

The Guamanian Raider!

The Guamanian Raider takes a common image, one that our culture deems as natural, and opens it up for an imaginative investigation. One of the most unreflected landscapes in American culture is the gridiron, the field for football and football's imaginative field. The image of football that the Guamanian sticks to is that of the Oakland Raiders.

The Tao Te Ching and Chinese Art

The antidote to psychology: Give up Sainthood, renounce Wisdom. Everything was said by Lao Tzu. In his work is the deepest psychology, the clearest religion and the most detailed metaphysics. It is inspirational as a guide when one is troubled and is poetry, giving beauty to word. So few words and everything is said. Nothing done and, yet, nothing left undone. Such is the world and such is the Tao Te Ching.


Grand Central Station

our soon to be interesting network of links, counterlinks, and subsidiary cyber-ventures.

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